Powderhouse is your one stop for all your 

Auto body Cosmetics needs.

From repairs, to paint, individualisation, ceramic coatings, maintenence and after care.


Always keeping up to date with emerging repair technology and trends. We treating each job as its own project. Tailored to the clients needs and budget with live progress updates for transparency, allowing our clients to be a part of it from start to finish.  

PowderHouse was born from a weekend gig during the apprenticeship days to earn a little extra cash on the weekends, whilst becoming an automotive refinishing technician, Trainned and learnt in reputable prestige bodyshops and companies across Sydney.

Accredited and approved repairers for BMW, Porsche, Lexus and Audi. Fortunate enough to learn from World class tradesman with the repair Philosophy "Replicate OEM factory finish'


Through my desire to expand my knowledge with a burning passion for the craft.

In the last decade, experience gainned with starting with prestige work, luxury and supercars, moved around gaining more experience and knowledge at Major Hail Companies during Hail season, Truck repairs, S.m.a.r.t. repair companies, Vintage and classic car restorations, and even french polishing working with polyurethane kitchen cabinets. 

Gainning expertise with using many top of line paint systems such as Glasurit, Spieshecker, Standox. Solvent and Water and many other brands picking and choosing what works best to achieve whats required.

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