Powder House is your one stop for all your 

Auto body Cosmetics needs.

From repairs, to full resprays, Custom and individualization, ceramic coating, to presale details.


Constantly learning and researching the newest repair technology, trends and products. Many times as an Apprentice I would ask the sales rep that comes in about a new product that their brand is releasing and they would answer "Never heard of it" because its released in the states first. Sometimes bought  the latest products whilst working for a shop to use on their customers car, its always been about the passion creating art.

 Treating each vehicle as a project it self. Tailored packages to the clients needs and budget.

A fully transparent operation, with progress updates, so our clients know exactly what's used and how things are done, being a part of it from start to finish.



PowderHouse was born from a weekend gig at home during the apprenticeship days to earn a little extra cash on the weekends to help out the family. Trained and worked in reputable companies across Sydney.

Accredited and approved repairers for BMW, Porsche, Lexus and Audi.


The knowledge and experience gained in the last decade was from starting with prestige work, luxury and supercars ... shops such as ESR PRESTIGE, PADDINGTON PRESTIGE, CURRANS, done some work for fibreglass truck repairs, S.m.a.r.t. repair shop XPRESSAUTO inside the Audi dealership, Experience with vintage and classic car restorations, contracted for SMART REPAIR AUSTRALIA - A Major Hail Repair Company with I would say the highest quality and standards out the 11 companies I've worked for. Contractors flying in from all over Australia for the Hail work, gained a lot of knowledge there.  Did some french polishing with a company up North Sydney painting  polyurethane kitchen cabinets. 

Gained expertise with using many top of line paint systems such as Glasurit, Spieshecker, Standox. Solvent based, Hybrids and Water paint systems. Have always been use to and only prefer using Top of the line paints and products.

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