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Bicycle Painting

A rundown on the process of a #SWORK frameset painted in #SplinterCamo

S-WORK frame

The owner sends through photos and examples of what he had in mind which was splinter camo. We narrowed it down to the choice of colours he wanted, Aluminium Palm cards were sprayed out and cleared so he could see in person how it would all look and under different lighting conditions, different times of day.

While that's happening frame gets started on.

Washed and decreased to remove any contaminants dried and using a hard sanding block and dry sanding method, Im shaving the frame like a lathe, carving out the curves making the lines more defined and of course gun barrel straight.

Once that's all done and degreased, Bike gets 2-3 coats of primer. First coat thinned out a little extra to make sure it penetrates as deep as possible to root itself for maximum adhesion, the other 2 coats to build some body for the next sanding stages.

The primer cures to a hard non-porous foundation allowing the paint to lay down and not seep through/in (sink backs) which can alter the final finish.

Again with a hard block and finer grit papers using a wet sanding method, we're carving it again trying not to break through the primer and finally finished with a softer rubber block to smooth everything out without losing its shape and ready for paint.

Never painted Camo so of course had to prepare myself with a few #youtube video 3crashcourse

Vinyls were hand cut and placed in its position while laying on the colours. All 3 colours on and dried, now the most exciting part of the project! not sure whether it was because it was Christmas or what but peeling off the vinyl pieces to see the final product was a massive release of endorphins haha. The customized S-work font to give it a military style Stencilled look was t stencilled on with a special #Audi colour called 'Glacier white' in which 40% of it is made up of a course metallic giving it kind subtle dirty greyish off white tone when compared to solid white itself.

Once all peeled off the frame set was cleared and left to cure.

After the curing the bike is sanded down leveling it all out from the edges and bumps of the different layers and flow coated with #glasurit Extra matte 2k clear.

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